Zebra Dove – Geopelia striata

Reference species – published on 21st of February 2018
See Columbidae family (doves,pigeons…)
In French: Géopélie zébrée en français


Zebra Dove is an example of what will happen with many common birds in the World. While populations are “naturally” spreading with habitat changes from man, other populations were introduced (often from escapees) and we don’t know precisely what is the “natural” range of this species. This example should make us re-consider the division we do between “wild nature” and human actions.  Human influence the whole World, and believing nature can be brought back to “original” situation (which one? Evolution is non-stop!) is Utopian and doesn’t actually make sense.

It is widespread from Myanmar to the Philippines and Indonesia. We don’t know if birds of Borneo, the Philippines and some Indonesian islands are “natural” or “introduced”… or partly both! However, distant populations such those of Madagascar and the Seychelles are probably from human origin indeed.


This species is monotypic with no significant geographical variation in its very big range. This is due to recent colonisations.

It was formerly considered as one species with both Barred and Peaceful Doves but they are not that close as they song differ significantly. Another related species is Diamond Dove from Australia.



[Species #52 of the Holistic Encyclopedia of Birds project]

List of other species pages: taxonomicalday per day


All photos and text are © Valéry Schollaert and Marinella Mejia


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