White-rumped Kingfisher – Caridonax fulgidus


Endemic species “Level 2**” (“star“) – published on 25th of April 2020
Page fully published with ECOLODGES INDONESIA
See Alcedinidae family (kingfishers, kookaburras)
In French: Martin-chasseur étincelant en français

Caridonax_fulgidus_main_mbeliling_ecolodge_flores_indonesia_perchedThis spectacular Alcedinidae is endemic to the Lesser Sundas where it occurs precisely on Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and Besar. It is unusual, unique in its kind, and seems to constitute a sort of link between the “real” kingfishers (especially those of the genus Halcyon) and the kookaburras (Dacelo). The voice also somewhat reminds that of the latter.

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It is a forest bird, found in the lowlands as well as in mountains, and it seems to survive in agricultural areas and relatively populated areas as long as there are enough large trees. This is why it is not considered threatened for the moment. However, it is very poorly known: neither its population, its nesting, nor its hunting strategies are detailed in literature. It is mainly insectivorous and also eats small reptiles. It nests in a gallery, probably as do other kingfishers; it is said that the female usually lays two eggs.

The White-rumped Kingfisher in the gardens of the Mbeliling Ecolodge

Gardens maintained without pesticides or other toxic products, fertilised with local compost and situated at the edge of the forest, are logically rich in birds. As expected, gardens at Mbeliling Ecolodge are no exception and hold a remarkable diversity of birds. If it were necessary to choose an emblem of the gardens, it could be this kingfisher. Indeed, it is colorful, large, fairly easy to see and, apparently, present daily around the chalets.

We saw this species from day one and had quickly several opportunities to take different photos; the goal to publish a page on it quickly proved achievable, good news as we haven’t seen this bird anywhere else so far.

A good advice is to take a camera every time you go down to the restaurant. In the middle of the day, when we leave our chalet, it was usually present within a radius of 40 meters! The photos below were taken just after lunch, in the heat of the day, when most other birds are quieter. 


Caridonax_fulgidus_2_mbeliling_ecolodge_flores_indonesia_perchedAt the end, this page was fully illustrated with pictures taken in the property.  Long life to these ecological gardens and their multicoloured birds!


Text by Valéry Shollaert
and Marinella Mejia


It is a monotypic species (sometimes divided into two poorly marked subspecies), the only one of its genus.

White-rumped Kingfisher
Mbeliling Mountain Ecolodge, Flores, Indonesia, April 2020
When seen from the back with the wings at least slightly opened, we can
see that the rump is actually pale blue and not white, despite its English
name. This is why some people prefer the name Glittering Kingfisher.

[Species #846 of the Holistic Encyclopedia of Birds project]


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[Species #846 of the Holistic Encyclopedia of Birds project]

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All photos, tab and text are © Valéry Schollaert & Marinella Mejia 2022
with acknowledgment to the copy editor: Remy Ty

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