Wattled Lapwing – Vanellus senegallus

Reference species – published on 7th of January 2018
See Charadriidae family (plovers, lapwings…)
In French: Vanneau du Sénégal en français


Wattled Lapwing is a common, widespread and easy-to-see bird in almost all sub-saharan Africa, avoiding only the too forested areas (such in central Africa) and arid countries (such Namib and Kalahari deserts, and the Karoo). It is usually tame and fairly well adapted to agriculture land, thus not threatened as long as agriculture doesn’t turn too indutrial in countries where it lives. Traditional, non-sprayed farming lands in Africa hold great bird populations.

Taxonomy and sub-species


This bird is well separated from other lapwings, so much that it was sometimes placed in its own monotypic genus.

It is divided in two to four sub-species, mainly from a clinal (gradual) difference in size, from smaller birds in the West towards larger birds in the East, and some slight colour variations.




[Species #7 of the Holistic Encyclopedia of Birds project]

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All photos and text are © Valéry Schollaert and Marinella Mejia

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