Threskiornithidae (ibises, spoonbills)

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Number of genera: 13
Number of species: 35
Number of species completed: 7
In French: page des ibis, spatules en Français

SF Eudociminae

Genus Eudocimus – 2 species
White Ibis / American White Ibis Eudocimus albus
Scarlet Ibis Eudocimus ruber

Genus Cercibis – 1 species
Sharp-tailed Ibis Cercibis oxycerca

Genus Mesembrinibis – 1 species
Green Ibis Mesembrinibis cayennensis

Genus Phimosus – 1 species
Bare-faced Ibis Phimosus infuscatus

Genus Theristicus – 3 species
Plumbeous Ibis Theristicus caerulescens
Buff-necked Ibis Theristicus caudatus
Black-faced Ibis Theristicus melanopis

SF Threskiornithinae

Genus Plegadis – 3 species
* Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus
White-faced Ibis Plegadis chihi
Puna Ibis Plegadis ridgwayi

Genus Nipponia – 1 species
Crested Ibis Nipponia nippon

Genus Lophotibis – 1 species
Madagascan Ibis Lophotibis cristata

Genus Geronticus – 2 species
Northern Bald-Ibis Geronticus eremita
Southern Bald-Ibis Geronticus calvus

Genus Bostrychia – 5 species
Olive Ibis Bostrychia olivacea
Sao Tome Ibis Bostrychia bocagei
Spot-breasted Ibis Bostrychia rara
* Hadada Ibis Bostrychia hagedash
Wattled Ibis Bostrychia carunculata

Genus Platalea – 6 species
Roseate Spoonbill Platalea ajaja
Yellow-billed Spoonbill Platalea flavipes
* African Spoonbill Platalea alba
* Eurasian Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia
Black-faced Spoonbill Platalea minor
* Royal Spoonbill Platalea regia

Genus Pseudibis – 3 species
Red-naped Ibis Pseudibis papillosa
White-shouldered Ibis Pseudibis davisoni
Giant Ibis Pseudibis gigantea

Genus Threskiornis – 6 species
Reunion Ibis Threskiornis solitarius
* African Sacred-Ibis Threskiornis aethiopicus
Malagasy Sacred-Ibis Threskiornis bernieri
Black-headed Ibis Threskiornis melanocephalus
* Australian Ibis Threskiornis moluccus
Straw-necked Ibis Threskiornis spinicollis

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SP # 73 14/03/18 Threskiornis aethiopicus   R
African Sacred Ibis (constr.) – – – Ibis sacré ( full )

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