Ruddy Shelduck – Tadorna ferruginea

Simple species – published on 2nd of January 2018
See Anatidae family (ducks, swans, geese…)
In French: Tadorne casarca en français


Ruddy Shelduck is a widespread bird in Asia, but more localized in the Northern Half of Africa and rare in Europe.

Despite it is categorised as “least concern” according to IUCN / Birdlife International, it is decreasing quickly in some places mainly because of hunting and poaching (what is the difference for the victim or for the population that shooting would be legal or not?).

This species is monotypic (no subspecies) and its sister-species is South African Shelduck (Tadorne cana) from Southern Africa.




[Species #2 of the Holistic Encyclopedia of Birds project]

List of other species pages: taxonomicalday per day


All photos and text are © Valéry Schollaert and Marinella Mejia

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