Lion – Panthera leo


Star mammal – family Felidae
Full publication with IREMBO HOLIDAYS
Publié le 18 septembre 2019
In French: Lion en français

Pathera_leo_main.JPGThe usual information on his way of life are very well described on the Wikipedia page. We rather describe here some stories we have and little known information.

Here below is a serie of photos taken at Queen Elizabeth National Park, in southwestern Uganda, in the Kasese region. We have a lioness about to cross the national road that  lead south of Kasese. She sits down and waits for the vehicles to stop. They will stop, because the law is very strict: vehicles that hit a wild animal are heavily sanctioned, and it is applied. Her youth (in insets) will follow her as soon as she tells them that the way is free.

The southern sector of the park, Ishasha, is known for its tree-climbing lions. In fact, lions climb wherever there are trees! In the Kasese sector, there are more euphorbias than trees … and it is in these euphorbias that we can sometimes see them.





Another great place to see lions, in Uganda, is Kidepo Valley National Park. It is a remote area and exceptional wilderness. Irembo Holidays can organise an expedition take you there. This park is famous for its huge population of buffaloes, and lions take advantage of males excluded from large herds, sometimes called “losers” (they fought with the dominant male and lost the fight), which are relatively easy to catch.



Click here to see young lions in Tanzania (under construction)


Compare here some males with different hair colour in Botswana and Kenya (under construction)



[Mammal #1]

Photos and texts © Valéry Schollaert 2019


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