Ciconiidae (storks)

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Number of genera: 6
Number of species: 20
Number of species completed: 10
In French: page des cigognes en Français

Genus Leptoptilos – 3 species
* Marabou Leptoptilos crumenifer
* Lesser Adjutant Leptoptilos javanicus
Greater Adjutant Leptoptilos dubius

Genus Ciconia – 8 species
* Abdim’s Stork Ciconia abdimii
* African Woollyneck Ciconia microscelis
Woolly-necked Stork Ciconia episcopus
Storm’s Stork Ciconia stormi
Black Stork Ciconia nigra
Maguari Stork Ciconia maguari
* White Stork Ciconia ciconia
Oriental Stork Ciconia boyciana

Genus Jabiru – 1 species
Jabiru Jabiru mycteria

Genus Ephippiorhynchus – 2 species
* Black-necked Stork Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus
* Saddle-billed Stork Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis

Genus Anastomus – 2 species
* Asian Openbill Anastomus oscitans
* African Openbill Anastomus lamelligerus

Genus Mycteria – 4 species
Wood Stork Mycteria americana
* Yellow-billed Stork Mycteria ibis
Milky Stork Mycteria cinerea
Painted Stork Mycteria leucocephala

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Famille des cigognes en français


All photos and text are © Valéry Schollaert


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